Changing Executive Thinking Using Talent Market Data

Client Situation

A multi-entity regional teaching hospital was struggling to recruit nurses across all areas of its operation. The Talent Acquisition leader realized that hiring managers and executives were ill-informed about the current state of the RA talent market, but her team was unable to provide hard data and facts to compel hiring managers to change their approach and practices.

Our Solution

Talent/IQ Advisors (T/IQ) conducted a Talent Market Analysis of the RN talent markets surrounding the organization’s major hospitals. The analysis included RN supply by resident zip codes, RN supply at top competitors, market compensation, competitive postings analysis, competitive talent demand, and other marketplace data.


The RN Talent Market Analysis findings provided the hospitals’ executive teams and nursing leadership with clear insights into current talent market conditions. Our client used the data as the basis for creating new recruiting initiatives, driving changes in both talent acquisition approaches and hiring manager behavior. The clients’ new practices include targeted direct recruiting initiatives, faster response times to qualified candidates, better use of ATS system data, better interview practices among hiring managers, and faster turnaround on interview feedback and offers.