About Talent/IQ Advisors

Talent/IQ Advisors is a team of entrepreneurs and former corporate executives who’ve built talent-centric businesses by developing and leading high-performing teams.

As business leaders, we have launched and built businesses, transformed under-performing business units, and developed leaders capable of driving change and meaningful business results.

We work in close partnership with our clients to build customized leadership development, change, and transformation solutions to accelerate business performance.

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Our Services


Customizable Talent/IQ Workshops

We work with leadership teams, to create
a customized framework for building
high-functioning, well-integrated leaders and teams capable of achieving outsized results.


One-on-one Group Mentoring

We provide individualized mentoring for aspiring leaders, HIPO employees, and established leaders, in either one-to-one or small group formats.


Executive/Off-Site Leadership Retreats

We develop and lead customized business planning/strategy retreats for leadership teams at all phases of business growth.  Each meeting is carefully designed to achieve each client’s specific growth goals, and produce actionable plans and initiatives to drive performance.


Speaking/Keynote Presentations

We are available for speaking engagements at events where gaining insight into the best Talent Practices matters. We bring our extensive experience delivering engaging, entertaining,
and thought-provoking presentations at corporate events, national conferences, and talent industry events.

Representative Workshops

Leadership Topics

  • Integrated Leadership: Improving Your Leadership Acumen and Increasing Your Talent IQ
  • Understanding and Effectively Utilizing Servant Leadership
  • Understanding and Enhancing Your Leadership Presence
  • How to Effectively Deliver Difficult Messages and Delicate Feedback
  • Leading in the #MeToo Era
  • Using Data to Power Your Talent Decisions

Talent Topics

  • Identifying and Selecting Differentiating Talent: How to Recognize, Interview and Select Top Talent
  • How to Build a Talent Powerhouse
  • How to Become an Internal Talent Consultant (for HR Teams)
  • Techniques to Grow and Retain Your Best Talent
  • Onboarding Talent for Maximum Immediate Productivity & Retention
  • Creating a Talent Power House: How to Launch, Grow, and Retain Top Performers

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