At Talent/IQ Advisors, we understand that exceptional talent drives exceptional business outcomes.
We help our clients build the knowledge, insight and executional expertise to make better hiring decisions, improve the productivity and retention of key talent, and enhance the effectiveness
of their up-and-coming and established leaders.

Representative Workshops

Leadership Topics

  • Integrated Leadership: Improving Your Leadership Acumen
    and Increasing Your Talent IQ
  • Understanding and Effectively Utilizing Servant Leadership
  • Understanding and Enhancing Your Leadership Presence
  • How to Effectively Deliver Difficult Messages and Delicate Feedback
  • Leading in the #MeToo Era
  • Using Data to Power Your Talent Decisions

Talent Topics

  • Identifying and Selecting Differentiating Talent:
    How to Recognize, Interview, and Select Top Talent
  • How to Build a Talent Powerhouse
  • How to Become an Internal Talent Consultant (for HR Teams)
  • Techniques to Grow and Retain Your Best Talent
  • Onboarding Talent for Maximum Immediate Productivity & Retention
  • Creating a Talent Power House: How to Launch, Grow, and Retain Top Performers