Talent Market Analysis

Talent/IQ Advisors provides our clients with a clear understanding of their most critical talent markets.

Our analytics tools produce a powerful view of key talent market components that inform better, more clear-headed talent acquisition, workforce planning, and internal movement decisions.

We can provide:

  • Geographic talent distribution to zip code levels
  • Current market compensation data across all career levels
  • On-line talent visibility analyses
  • Role, title, and function-based competitive talent data
  • Job posting trends and other competitive talent practices
  • Hiring trends for specific occupational groups
  • Diversity talent distribution analyses

Our detailed talent market reports provide Talent Management and Talent Acquisition leaders with the powerful, accurate data they need to build market-savvy strategies and to educate hiring managers and executive teams about talent market conditions that impact business strategies.


Culture Analysis/Culture Building

Combining the latest research in human behavioral science with our powerful AI-driven assessment tool, we help our clients understand their culture in quantitative terms, identify gaps, and build/deepen their culture to drive higher levels of business performance.

We use the fastest (12 minute), most comprehensive self-assessment behavioral science tool to measures behaviors, motivators and ideal work styles. Applying AI and talent analytics, we provide accurate culture insights to help our clients:

  • Diagnose real vs. perceived culture and identify culture outliers
  • Understand more deeply and accurately their current culture and sub-cultures, and identify areas of misalignment
  • Gain team alignment and build high-performing teams that enhance culture
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Improve hiring practices to assure cultural fit for every hire with high predictive success
  • Improve accuracy of internal movement/succession planning decisions

Our tool is available on a project basis, or it can be easily integrated with existing HR and ATS platforms to connect culture data with employee data to enable deeper understanding of the workforce and enable optimized workforce planning and talent utilization.


Customizable Talent/IQ Workshops

Talent/IQ Advisors designs and deliverscontent-rich, engaging workshops packed with the latest research in human performance and filled with practical models that accelerate rapid adaptation.

Our content is fully customizable to each client’s specific situation and culture. We focus on providing astute solutions for the specific talent and leadership challenges that your business is facing today.


One-on-One Group Mentoring

Talent/IQ Advisors provides individualized mentoring for aspiring leaders, HIPO employees, and established leaders, in either one-to-one or small group formats.

We conduct a thorough needs assessment, develop customized development plans with learning and outcome objectives, and deliver high-impact mentoring in one-to-one or small group (team mentoring) sessions.

And to accommodate busy schedules, our delivery is flexible: face-to-face or on-line, during business hours or off-business hours as required.