Custom Workshops to Improve Leadership Performance

Client Situation

A Leading Hotel of the World (LHOW) noticed increasing turnover rates in early-tenured employees and a related drop in LHOW customer satisfaction scores. Hotel leadership assessed the need for leadership training for all 50+ department heads, with a specific focus in how to select, launch, and engage new talent over their first 24 months of employment.

Our Solution

Talent/IQ Advisors partnered with the CEO and his HR team to build an interactive, customized leadership training workshop for all department leaders using the LHOW evaluation standards that drove their business.  The workshop covered hiring/selection, engaging in the first 90 days, habit formation, and giving tough feedback.


The workshop resulted in changes in hiring and management practices within the organization, to include more formal, deliberate training initiatives, closer alignment between the HR team and line management, and a downturn in unwanted turnover in the first 12 months of employment. The client estimated the financial return on this development investment to be over $250,000 in the first year.