One-to One Mentoring to Improve Talent IQ

Client Situation

A client’s newly-appointed Talent Acquisition Leadership Team was used to working independently as they were decentralized and reported to Business Unit Leaders. Now, in a centralized structure, they were having difficulty coming together to balance the needs of their Business Units with the needs of the TA Center.

Our Solution

Talent/IQ Advisors (T/IQ) partnered with the TA Leader and each of the BU Recruiting function leaders to develop Standard Ways of Working, Success Measures, a common reporting platform and metrics sets, and a common Core Competency set for all team members. A key element of this solution was one-to-one mentoring with each team member to help them align with the Center and navigate the sometimes conflicting requirements of delivering services to multiple stakeholders.


This initiative delivered over 250 hours of training and development time to the leadership team and their direct reports. As a result, the function was able to set common goals and integrate their work, while still attending to the needs of each Business Unit. The group improved their overall operational efficiency by 40% in the two years following this effort.