A New Consulting Firm Launches to Focus on Improving Business Performance by Improving Talent Performance

Talent/IQ Advisors LLC, a Philadelphia-based management consulting firm launched this month by area business leaders, is focused on helping its clients achieve outsized business results by improving the talent acumen and leadership performance of up-and-coming and established leaders.

“We believe that all business challenges, at their root, are solved by changing and improving the performance of individuals,” notes Talent/IQ Advisors founder Harry Griendling. “From insufficient sales performance, to operational/product delivery defects, to poor customer service scores, to stalled business growth…it all comes down to changing or improving the talent involved. Nothing will ever change or evolve quickly unless that change is effectively planned, managed, and led.”

Talent/IQ Advisors provides customized business services to help companies drive change, transform their cultures, and develop leadership and executive effectiveness, including customized leadership and executive development workshops; one-to-one and group mentoring; change management/communications, and customized executive retreats. The firm combines the latest research in human behavior/performance and best practices gleaned from their decades of business leadership experiences to create practical, no-nonsense methodologies to help leaders achieve breakthrough results from their teams.

One of Talent/IQ Advisors key differentiators is the business acumen of its consulting team. “All of us are business leaders first and foremost,” notes Griendling. “We have all managed and led significant businesses, either inside corporations or as entrepreneurs. That experience gives us deep insights into our clients’ business situations, and enables us to seek and design real business solutions that will deliver fast, meaningful results to our clients’ bottom lines.”

Talent/IQ Advisors is headquartered in the Delaware Valley. It has offices in center city Philadelphia and Malvern, PA, and maintains a regional office in South West Florida.                 

To learn more about Talent/IQ Advisors, please visit us at talentiqadvisors.com